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National Development Council Service Quality Award

The assessment team of National Development Council Service Quality Award has selected 50 government agencies from Executive Yuan’s affiliated agencies of all levels, municipalities, and county (city) governments and their affiliated agencies of all levels to the final stage of the service quality evaluation. There are four agencies in Tainan City Government been selected for the final assessment where the selected project Helpline 1999 for residents of Tainan City is organized by Research Development and Evaluation Commission.

National Development Council's "Government Service Award" has selected the central and local quality service agencies. Awarded organizations not only symbolized the quality of service but also represents a benchmark for other organizations to learn. The evaluation procedure was to be recommended by the local government agencies to participate the award first;then the National Development Council conducts the written preliminary examination and the final decision of the finalists.

To promote the service for the people effectively, the Research Development and Evaluation Commission actively used the “Government Service Award” participation system to examine the quality of services provided by the government. The on-site guidance counseling agencies personally gave practical guidance and suggestions on the spot. With the efforts of the participating organizations, they have won the recognition of the “1st Government Service Award” from the National Development Council. Apart from striving for the highest quality of service for the people, it also creates a city's innovative and outstanding service so that all citizens can enjoy the best service.