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  1. Implementing “Open Government”

    With three principles of “Transparency, Involvement and Collaboration” and three schemes of “Open Data, Open Services and Open Decisions”.
  2. Enhancement of Decision Making

    Enhance every department’s ability to research before making a decision and improve the decision process. Also by offering funding and cooperation with businesses and schools, we can make sure creative plans are being properly executed.
  3. Management Refinement

    We keep proposing the management system of administrative performance. Besides, we also increase the ability of vision planning, strategy planning and implement ability of departments and bureaus within the Tainan City Government. Furthermore, we set up a mechanism that citizens are accessible to government’s policies and enhance the control and evaluation mechanism, which assures that all departments and bureaus are on the same boat with the city government. Hence, the citizens will be satisfied with the highly effective performance government.
  4. Promoting Information Flow

    As we enter the era of information explosion, improving services with the internet is a must. We will improve Tainan City Government’s image and visibility. Furthermore, we will keep offering more open services to the citizens on the website.
  5. Increasing Citizen Services Effectiveness

    We keep boosting citizen services effectiveness and engaging in creating English friendly environment. Leaning on citizens' demand and social expectation, we will work toward the goals of “Promoting satisfactory services” and “Enhance innovative services”.