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2018 Freedom of Speech Day

The 2018 “Gua tsu-tiunn” concert which implies “I advocate” in English was held at Shueipingwun Park from April 8 to 9. The concert attracts and brings public to this year’s concert again to convey the concept of “Gua tsu-tiunn” as well as the spirit of freedom. The 2018 Tainan Freedom of Speech Day is ended in the passionate and lively atmosphere of the concert.

Each of the bands that performed at the concert conveyed their concerns for the country in their own way, and were definitely not afraid of saying “I advocate for…” has touched the concert participants and pushed the concert atmosphere to the limit.

At the entrance of the concert site, a "Portable Tent" installation art was set up displaying the precious historical map of the development of freedom of speech. It was like a historical time machine which attracting generations of people to stop watching and the old, middle and young generations were entering the tents to watch and shared the history of their memories from generation to generation. The tent became a historic classroom for the development of democracy and human rights in Taiwan, and achieved cultural connotation of openness and freedom.

The Tainan City Government Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission stated that this year's “I advocate” concert was warmly echoed by young friends as it was in previous years, and the participating groups have expanded to all ages. When the meaning behind the concert was gradually recognized, it was affirmed that this spirit of freedom of speech was transmitted through a musical approach. This is the most important purpose of the city’s annual Freedom of Speech Day.

Research Development and Evaluation Commission of Tainan City Government appreciates the citizen’s participation in the 2018 Tainan Freedom of Speech Day “Gua tsu-tiunn” concert on April 7 and 8. The RDEC expected to convey the spirit of the freedom of speech to the next generation through Tainan Freedom of Speech Day “Gua tsu-tiunn” concert.