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Tainan, City of Elegance

In order to improve the cleanness of environment, Tainan City Government will sweep out dirty corners, put idle land into good use, and decorate the city by greening the environment. With all the government branches working together, we should be able transform Tainan into the city of elegance. This plan was rolled out in 2012, and currently there are 11 major projects we are working on. Details about the 11 projects can be found below.

  1. Major Traffic Intersection Appearance Improvement Plan

    Greening the major traffic intersections, freeway entrances, train stations and high speed rail station. Making visitors have a better first impression.
  2. Public Restroom Improvement Plan

    1. Evaluation and reward for clean public restrooms
    2. Make restroom more user-friendly
    3. Improve restroom clearness around tourism areas
    4. Restroom maintenance during events
  3. Tourism Sites’ Road Greening Plan

    1. Select important traffic routes and tourism sites’ entrances and decorate them by greening
    2. Improve the cleanness of tourism sites
    3. The “Green City Portal” which will green the important traffic circles
  4. Community Greening

    With multiple greening plans, we plan to cooperate with citizens in different communities and together, we should build a greener community.
  5. Greening of Schools and Reduction of Fences

    Through greening campuses and reduction of fences, we hope to make schools part of the community and share their facilities with every citizen.
  6. Elimination of Advertisements

    There are a lot of illegal advertisements posted around the city, causing significant damage to city’s appearance. We are going to eliminate these advertisements as much as we can.
  7. Public Park Maintenance and Sustainable Development Plan

    1. Improve the cleanness of public parks and integrate local culture into parks
    2. Protection of elder trees inside public parks
  8. Community Greening Competition

    By providing funding, city government encourages every community to have their own greening plan and work together with city government.
  9. Elimination of Illegal Signs

    Eliminate all of the illegal signs hanging around the city.
  10. Sidewalk Improvement Plan

    Make sure a clear side walk is provided for pedestrians, and at the same time, offer local store owners more chances to interact with pedestrians.
  11. Illegal Buildings Demolish Plan

    Eliminate illegal building that might threaten the safety of citizens, and also have precise regulation on new buildings.