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OPEN Tainan 1999 Win the First Government Service Award

National Development Council announced the 1st government service quality award on June 7. Tainan City Government Research and Development Commission’s “Open 1999 APP”, Public Health Bureau’s “Aiti-dengue fever technology” and Lioujia District office are nominated for this quality service award.

Tainan City Government has always been improving its service quality for the public and always spared no effort in pursuing a high-quality service image. Through counseling various agencies from the local government every year and participating in the Government Service Award of the National Development Council, Tainan City Government gradually improves the service quality for the people and gives them a sense of public sentiment. Tainan City Government Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission works on the service quality improvement plan every year, draws up counseling and award-winning assignments, masters the connotation and significance of the government service quality award, and recommends organizations (units) with high-quality potential to participate in the award. Apart from continuing to act as the "Government Service Award" counseling role, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission also participates in the 1st "Government Service Award" project planning for the first time with the "OPEN1999", that highlighting the features and advantages of Tainan City Government Smart City Technology Services. Tainan City was shortlisted from 174 intense competitors in the competition. After that, they were appraised by the jury members at the on-site evaluation stage. Tainan City Government used the technology to solve the problems of governance, improved the quality of service for the people, and stood out in the 50 finalists.


Tainan City Government Research and Development Commission stated that since the city and country merged, RDEC has assisted many departments implementing the innovative strategy to offer publics convenient service through coaching and evaluation. With the evaluation competition mechanism, it will increase the quality level and alter the thinking of public service. Tainan City Government RDEC will lead Tainan City departments using technology to improve government service, integrate digital management concept and build Tainan a smart city.