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ICF TOP7 Smart City of the World: From City to Asia and Globe

Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the “ICF Global Summit 2018 Result Press Conference” on June 14. Chairperson of Tainan City Government Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission Chao Ching-Hui represented Tainan City participated in the event and shared the experience of ICF smart city competition.

Chairperson of RDEC Chao pointed out that Tainan City has already set up six dimensions of smart city including smart and healthy communities, mobile learning, smart traveling, smart transportation, disaster prevention for typhoons and floods and Smart City Operation Center with an aim to combine traditional and modern culture at the same time during Premier Lai’s mayorship. For example, Tainan City made good use of OPEN DATA and anti-epid map to conquer the Dengue fever outbreak. Tainan City Government also cooperates with AI Labs launching Tainan Smart City AI Drone application project using Drone equipped with NVIDIA smart vision solution in city crisis prevention and security such as monitor bridges and patrol. Through smart technology, Tainan Citizen’s safety level is expected to be increased.

Chairperson Zhao also thanked the Industrial Bureau for counseling and supporting. She said that Tainan City also used the experience of participating in the ICF this time to market Tainan smart city. They brought the pineapple cake and dried mango from Tainan to London to share with everyone who was participating in the global smart city summit as well as promoting the tourism in Tainan which received a great response. Chairperson Zhao suggested that since many smart cities are currently targeting A(Al), B(Big Data), and C(Cloud), but lacking of “Community” that highlighted by the Intelligent Community Forum (lCF). Espoo in Finland was relatively prominent in the people's links and public-private partnerships which might be the reasons why the city won the first prize this time. Taiwan’s development in a smart city should have more confidence and communicate more with Asian cities. After all, based on closer environment and culture, it is easier to learn from each other on the smart cities and provide better service for the public. Moreover, International cities have invested in smart cities and the markets in Asia are now more dynamic, hoping that lCF smart cities can have more perspectives in Asian.