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RDEC, as a policy advisor, is a commission that coordinates the bureaus and departments within the Tainan City Government. We are in charge of policy planning, research and development, supervision and evaluation, citizen services, and information flow control. What we do is integrating the goal of city works, planning the city layout and acting as the coordinator between the bureaus and departments.


A Balance between Cultural Heritage and Innovation: The New Civilization of Tainan

Posted Date:2017/08/07

Last Modified:2017/09/01 17:37

A Balance between Cultural Heritage and Innovation: The New Civilization of Tainan

On Aug. 3rd, the first 4G announcement campaign in Taiwan “Smart City: New Generation & New Vision of Tainan” was held at Yonghua Civic Center. Simon Chang, the chairman of Taiwan Mobile Foundation, thanked Mayor Lai for allowing them to experiment 4G in Tainan, which laid the foundation to forge a smart city. Mayor Lai emphasized that pushing Tainan forward by striking a balance between cultural inheritance and innovation is of vital importance.

The mayor further noted that there are mainly two dimensions to building a smart city. The first is to set up a section to store media resources. Mayor Lai remarked that a section as such would become a platform for documentation, promotion, and creation. The platform should enable the young a better chance to demonstrate what they have to offer, especially through the “myphone” platform.

The second dimension is to promote small scale businesses. Mayor Lai pointed out that Taiwan already possessed of superior agricultural techniques, but lacked marketing insights. With Taiwan Mobile’s support, Tainan City Government was able to teach the farmers about e-commerce. There are approximately 800 or 900 new farmers that joined in the agricultural industry. Amongst these farmers, 90 or so have an income over NTD 1 million per year. Such results were achieved through marketing platforms, which enabled farmers to design, make plans, market, and interact with the society.

Mayor Lai remarked that even though Tainan has many industrial parks, not every citizen will be able to work there. After the administrative reform, business districts needs to be marketed. Thanks to the support provided by Taiwan Mobile, we are now capable of marketing these business districts through various media systems.

Taiwan Mobile has been devoting large amount of resources into media, e-commerce, mobile payment, big data…etc. Cooperating side by side with Taiwan Mobile, Tainan City Government was able to demonstrate the beauty of Tainan to Taiwan through advertising “made in Tainan logo”, nurturing 30 rising stars of the agricultural industry, and manage the “South Taiwan Farmer Star” facebook fanpage. All of these promotions enhanced the brand equity of Tainan’s farm produce and products.


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