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RDEC, as a policy advisor, is a commission that coordinates the bureaus and departments within the Tainan City Government. We are in charge of policy planning, research and development, supervision and evaluation, citizen services, and information flow control. What we do is integrating the goal of city works, planning the city layout and acting as the coordinator between the bureaus and departments.


2018 Global TOP 7 Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Summit

Posted Date:2018/06/11

Last Modified:2018/06/26 09:18

The Global Top 1 Smart City of 2018 was announced at the 2018 Global TOP 7 Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Summit on June 6. Though the Top 1 Smart City of 2018 is Espoo (Finland) instead of those Taiwan cities nominated in Top 7, it is still a great honor to achieve the Top 7 Smart City among the world.

Tainan City had a lively exchange with other cities all over the world at the ICF Global Conference, and the popularity was high. The Vice Mayor Zhang Zhengyuan was confident with the hard work and commitment of the city government team. Tainan City participated in the ICF process and gave it it's best in the event, the efforts in various aspects of smart cities was visible to the world throughout the event, although Tainan City didn't win the event it was a glorious defeat. We had a profound exchange with all the smart cities from all over the world through the forum, which was a right way of marketing Tainan City.


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