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RDEC, as a policy advisor, is a commission that coordinates the bureaus and departments within the Tainan City Government. We are in charge of policy planning, research and development, supervision and evaluation, citizen services, and information flow control. What we do is integrating the goal of city works, planning the city layout and acting as the coordinator between the bureaus and departments.


Breakthrough on Open Government Policy (RDEC Annual Report and Achievements)

Posted Date:2015/12/24

Last Modified:2015/12/28 10:13

Breakthrough on Open Government Policy
(RDEC Annual Report and Achievements)

Other than supervising major constructions of Tainan City, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission is also pushing the Open Data and Open Government policy. Today, the 1999 application is released on android platform, which is a huge breakthrough on the Open Government policy.

Originate Open 1999 API

One of the core service is the release of API. By releasing the API, citizens have ways to access open data from the government. Citizens can not only download data with the API but also create applications of their own.

The previously released OPEN1999 website now has application version. The application version offers automatic GPS service and LBS service, which enable the system to know where the case was reported. Furthermore, users are able to see reported cases nearby to prevent duplication.

Citizens can realize the mostly concerned issues on OPEN1999 website and supervise the administrative effectiveness of the city government. Through simplifying the administrating process proactively, increased efficiency is shown in the fact that assigned tasks are completed in an average of 1.2 days, compared with the 2.9 days formerly.

Dengue Fever Containment with Big Data

Tainan City became the first city to fight dengue diseases with Big Data. Tainan City built the open data cloud platform with CKAN. Currently there are 1969 data sets and 2 million usages. The open dengue fever data allows citizens to understand what the government is doing to prevent the outbreak. Dengue fever data also allows researchers and professionals to figure out better ways to contain the outbreak. This usage of big data is the first in Taiwan, making a great example to the whole country.

Assist the Transportation Bureau Winning the Service Award
Helping each department improving their service quality is one of the major tasks of ours. This year, we help Transportation Bureau and South District Household Registration Office to win the prize in quality of service.
Other than helping the major departments, we are helping every district office to improve their quality of service. We also held review sessions to share pros and cons on our quality of service. By setting the correct standard, each district office can improve and achieve high efficient service. We believe that citizens will be able to feel the improvement of our quality of service.

Smart City 4G Service

The 4G smart city plan started on Aug. 11th. The Information Management Center planned to offer 20 or more applications and services online inclusive of traffic, health, disaster prevention and education in the next three years. The Far East 4G Smart City project’s total worth exceeds 1 billion NTD. We predict more than half million uses will be achieved in the next three years. Partnered with Panasonic, the Tainan City Government signed the Low Carbon Memo on June 16th, 2014. We will be pushing the low carbon emission goal, and execute the “smart living example city promise”. We hope to build Tainan into a 4G low carbon emission smart city.

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